Let's Connect
B Local is the game changing loyalty network solution for local businesses
Existing Customers  (Identify  +  Reward)  Retain.     
New Customers  (Attract  +  Reward)  Retain.

          (Result)  Higher Profits.  
As a participating business you get all the benefits of a world class loyalty and rewards platform - at the most affordable price in the industry. You also connect with a network of forward thinking local businesses who drive trade to each other.
B Local is easy to join and simple to use. Our simplicity is our strength.
As a B Local member you will get your own valuable B points immediately right at the the point of sale. The B points can then be accumulated and redeemed for fantastic rewards and gift vouchers.
Sign up is 100% free. The B Local member is always a winner!
Accepted by more businesses and merchants every day
How it works in your business
What do I do first?
  •  Sign up and become a business partner here.
  •  Complete your profile page on www.blocalcard.com.
  •  Ensure a reliable WiFi internet connection is available.
  •  Decide what scanning device you will use -mobile, tablet, or laptop. 
  •  Place the device in a suitable position near the point of sale.
  •  Your partner pack will be delivered within a few days of sign up.
  •  This includes 200 NFC B Local loyalty cards and POS material. 
  •  Begin to sign up customers/clients in store.
  •  New customers - attract - reward - retain.
What do I need to do then?
  •  Decide on your rewards offering whether B points and/or discount based.
  •  This is very easy to do on your private dashboard.
  •  Continue to sign up new and existing customers/clients.
  •  Offer B points and/or a discount with members' transactions.
  •  Gift vouchers automatically generate when target B points are reached.
  •  Build up a valuable and growing database of loyal customers/clients.  
  •  You now know, far more accurately, who your best customers/clients are.
  •  Existing customers - identify - reward - retain.
Offer B Local to your customers. 
Sign up in store in a jiffy. 
Identify and measure spending trends. 
Reward and retain existing customers. 
Reach out to and attract new customers.
For Consumers
B Local is fast and easy to use.
  • Your B Local card guarantees you an immediate discount and/or valuable B points at participating outlets.
  • You will be able to earn valuable rewards and vouchers.
  • Click here to check out the B Local rewards of participating partners.
How do I get one?
  • First pick up a B Local card at a participating partner and sign up, there and then in store, in a jiffy.
  • Your card is now active. Sign up is 100% free. The B Local card member is always a winner.
  • We aim to connect many local businesses so there is no limit to the discounts and B points rewards you can receive.
  • Money back at many of your favourite stores, and more!
    Imagine what your discounts and B points could add up to in a year? B Local really takes you places.
  • We want more local businesses join the B Local family!
    You can receive fantastic value by supporting local enterprises. B Local makes it possible.
  • B Local welcomes and is ready for your business.
    There is almost no limit to the types of businesses which can become B Local partners. B Local can be used anywhere.
For Business
  • Every business needs an edge to attract new customers.
  • B Local is uniquely positioned to deliver enduring value to any business in a long term cost effective way.
  • It provides a professionally managed and measured stand alone loyalty/discount programme. 
  • B Local uses state of the art technology.
  • It provides a turn key solution and platform for it's business partners.
  • B Local brings in new business!
    B Local members eagerly look for new local businesses and old favourites to join, meaning more footfall and more sales for participating partners.
  • B Local makes your loyalty program easy!
    B Local rewards your best customers with cash back and/or valuable B points.
  • Any business can join B Local!
    There is almost no limit as to which businesses can become B Local partners. Join today, and get the benefits now.
Sign Up - Its Fast and Easy
How to sign up
  • Click on Sign Up Now here.
  • Fill in the required fields and the optional fields if you wish.
  • Enter your credit/debit card details.
  • Our payment partner is Stripe.
  • Stripe - not us - store your card details.
  • Then complete the remaining fields to order your partner pack.
  • That's it - in a few days you are ready to go.
What is the cost?
  • There is a one off initial cost of €100.
  • This covers start up costs and the partner pack.
  • The first month is then Free.
  • The monthly subscription after this starts at €39.
  • That's less than €10 per week.
  • Click here for full pricing details.
  • B Local is the best value in the market place.
  • B Local is affordable for even the smallest business.